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    Hey, Listen! (Inaugural) Alert Central Implementation Office Hours: Friday, May 17

    nicole pauls

      Hey, Listen!

      Need a little help on your Alert Central implementation journey? We're hosting our first ever Alert Central implementation office hours this Friday, May 17, from 10:30am-12:30pm Central Time.


      Where will I find the chat?

      Come to the Alert Central forum homepage (Alert Central) and you'll see the chat appears once we've got it set up. It'll be live on Friday a little before 10:30am.


      Who will be answering questions?

      Myself (Alert Central Product Manager) and some of the Alert Central development team will be helping field questions.

      What kinds of questions will you be answering?

      Since it's chat, we're hoping to answer any questions that can help you get deployed, implemented, and configured. There might be questions that require digging in a little more with you, either directly or by posting your issue on thwack, in order to get everyone's questions answered.


      If I can't make it on Friday or get stuck, can I ask my question anyway?

      Always, you can post your question here on thwack.


      Will you be doing this regularly, or is this a one-time thing?

      That depends on whether you find the chat helpful!


      Are you going to repeat "Hey, Listen!" during the entire chat?