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    Chart Size changes do not stick


      Hi All,


      Firstly, I'm on Orion Core version 2012.1.1, SAM 5.0.1 and NPM 10.3.1.


      I'm having some trouble with chart sizes. I've created myself a new SAM Application Template with its own Custom Application Details View (lets call it MyAppView) and added a "Custom Chart - Line Graph" and a "Multiple Object Chart" to the page. I'd like to change the height of the chart so I can fit both on my dashboard screen without having to scroll.


      I click on each of the charts but when I adjust the Height parameter in the Chart Size section, it doesn't apply the change to the MyAppView page.


      For "Custom Chart - Line Graph" I can change the Height value from 0 to 200 and click 'refresh' to see the change on-screen, however there isn't a 'submit' button for me to click to persist the change. If I go back to the MyAppView page and refresh, the change doesn't seem to have been applied.


      Similarly, for the "Multiple Object Chart" on the MyAppView page I get a drop-down within the chart itself which I can use to select the entry "Edit Chart". If I do that I get a similar page, however this one gives me a 'submit' button as well as a 'refresh' button. However, even if I enter the new value and hit the 'submit' button, the change doesn't get applied to MyAppView.


      Is this something that should work how I'm expecting it to or have I misunderstood the feature?