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    Web help desk 12 and SCCM 2012


      I have setup the SCCM connector to bring data from the sCCM 2012 database.  All the attributes import fine except for "installed software".  No errors on the import, just no data for "installed software".  I am pretty sure I have installed software data in SCCM.


      anybody else have luck with SCCM 2012 or any suggestions?



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          Peter Krutý

          Hi Ana,


          this is known issue, which we track under number 193354 and we will look at in future releases. I added your details to this issues record.



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            We are having the same issue here.



            Please add us to the issues record as well.


            Thank you,

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              I asked support about this again and was told the following.  However the technet article referenced below specifically refers to SCCM 2007 and not SCCM 2012. 


              "To collect installed software we use SCCM database view v_GS_SoftwareProduct as it is described in Microsoft documentation: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd334561.aspx.

              The view is defines as

              SELECT ClientId As 'ResourceID', ProductId As 'ProductID',

                       CompanyName, ProductName,
              ProductVersion, ProductLanguage

                  FROM vSMS_G_System_SoftwareProduct

              and view vSMS_G_System_SoftwareProduct is defined as

                      select distinct sp.NewProductId
              as ProductId, sp.CompanyName,

              sp.ProductVersion, sp.ProductLanguage, si.ClientId

                      from SoftwareProductMap as sp

                      inner JOIN SoftwareInventory as
              si on sp.OldProductId = si.ProductId


              The problem is that customer database contain in table SoftwareProductMap only Microsoft Office Outlook. But this table should contain hundreds of various software.

              I would recommend to check Microsoft SCCM documentation or some expert in this area for information why the table is almost empty and how to configure SCCM to fill it in or meybe if customer can get these information from other table/view and redefine v_GS_SoftwareProduct view"

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                I'm not sure what the exact issue you were having was, but it appears that SCCM 2012 R2 is now working correctly with WHD.