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    Does the Alert Engine still check Unmanaged nodes?


      I am curious if the Alert Engine checks alerts against nodes that are in a Unmanages status?


      I ask because I have several nodes that are now sitting with perpetual alerts on them due to the fact that they were put into an Unmanaged stauts while alerts were triggered on them.


      If the alert engine still checks nodes that are in an Unmanaged status then I can just add a condition to my alerts that says "Where Node Status is not equal to Unmanaged", however; if the Alert Engine does not check those nodes then that won't help.


      Thanks in advance for the help on this!

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          In one of the manuals it indicates that when in an Unmanaged status, polling is disabled, it doesn't mention if it stops the alerting engine from looking at that node as well.  My assumption based on this is that the alerting engine would continue to look at that node since the alerting engine doesn't do anything more than run queries against the database.

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            Leon Adato

            Alert polling is simply a query against the database. You can actually see it if you go into your existing alert and choose "Custom SQL". That will reveal the query that runs every xx minutes (typically 1 minute). Again, this is the query that is run to CHECK whether any nodes meet the criteria (ie: the interval on the first tab of the alert, not the delay on the trigger conditions tab)


            So the short answer is "yes", SolarWinds checks unmanaged nodes for the simple reason that the query doesn't explicitly omit them. If you, however, include a condition of "unmanaged is not equal to yes" (or somesuch) then it would skip them.