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    Scheduler Email fails


      I have two jobs setup in the Scheduler (v16) that send email out to a few people when complete.  I get an error the following error:


      EVENT ERROR: Unable to send message to email@email.com: Unable to connect

      to SMTP server  on port 25.


      I am able to send email from the command line on this server so I know email is working.  I've double checked all my settings and still cannot figure this out.


      Anybody else see this error?



      Server 2003

      Voyager 16

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          I got tripped up by this, too.  I had set the Email Settings in FTP Voyager but not in the scheduler.  You have to set them in the scheduler.  From FTP Voyager, goto Tools --> Scheduler Options.  Then select the "Email Settings" category and set it there.  After doing this, I was able to send emails via the scheduler.  Hope this works for you.  Jim

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