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    Troubleshooting procedure for LDAP user experience monitor ?


      Dear Sir or Madam -


      I am having problems getting the LDAP user experience monitor to work.


      Is there a troubleshooting procedure available somewhere ?    I searched the website, but could not find anything.


      When I try using "Anonymous" as the authentication method, it fails with this error -


      Unable to perform search request with given parameters.

      Exception message is: An operation error occurred..

      An operation error occurred.


      When I try using "Kerberos" or "NTLM" as the authentication method, and my own credentials (a domain administator), it fails with this error -


      Unable to perform 'bind' operation for LDAP server with given parameters.

      The supplied credential is invalid.


      I've tried various credentials (which work fine for other templates), but the LDAP component always claims the credential is invalid.


      Thank you.


      James Troy