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    Bandwidth resources

    Aaron Denning

      I was wondering i am trying to get a graph how much bandwidth we use and was wondering am i just overlooking it. what is the resource name it has in the customize page?

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          Assuming per interface, it depends on what specifics you are looking for.  If I have a 100meg link I don't usually like to know only how much data *right now* is filling up that interface.  I want to know %used, Bytes/sec, and packets/sec, and I want to know both directions and averages.


          So for bandwidth I use a custom tab at the interface level with:


          Percent Utilization(step)

          Average bits per sec(step)

          Min/max/average bps in/out

          Average packets per sec

          Total bytes transferred

          Total packets transferred


          All that because a full pipe *to me* is never just full, because I am the one who has to fix it or diagnose it or otherwise address the issue.  However if I am serving up a view for a manager or supervisor that requires bandwidth I usually use the "Percent Utilization(step)" and I add the trend.


          Sorry that's kind of a long answer, its just I've never found it just as simple as "how much bandwidth am i using".  Everyone has their own methods and reasons for them.

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