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    What happens to a deactivated license?


      I want to migrate cattools from one server to another.  I understand that to do this I have to deactivate my license and reactivate it for the new server, but what happens when I deactivate my old one?  Does it immediately stop working or do I have a grace period when I can run both while I test it and set it up?


      I would have put it in as a support question but my account is broken at the moment.




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          I recommend you to install the newest CatTools version -- 3.9.1. It will give you a 14-day evaluation period where you can use all the features without any license, i.e. enough time to migrate the old installation. Once the new installation is up and running, you can deactivate the old one and activate the new one. (The activation key for v3.9.x can be found on your customer portal.)


          The above scenario applies to single installation. If you plan to migrate a higher tier (e.g. country license), please let me know offline and I would check with engineering.




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