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    Unable to upload to remote directory with 16.0.2


      I'm loggingon/uploading to an remote directory called d with a path of  a\b\c\d.


      action name is '$LocalPathFmt' to '$RemortePathFmt'

      remote file or folder is 42.bidd06j.cisrecev*

      local file or folder is d:\calwinoutboundfiles\42.bidd06j.cisrecev*.*


      voyager log file as follows:

      257 '/a/b/c/d' is current directory

      (action: 'd:\calwinoutboundfiles\42.bidd06j.cisrecev*.*' to '42.bidd06j.cisrecev*') uploading from 'd:\calwinoutboundfiles\42.bidd06j.cisrecev*.*' to '42.bidd06j.cisrecev*'

      cwd 42.bidd06j.cisrecev*

      550 42.bidd06j.cisrecev*. A file or directory in the path name does not exits

      unable to change to folder '42.bidd06j.cisrecev*'


      I need to the file to be uploaded to the d directory. I don't want to change directory(the cwd). It worked just fine in version



      Any advice would be greatly appreciated... thanks, Brad