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    No e-mail function anymore


      I have seen in other posts that this has been identified by others but I am just wondering if any of you have had the e-mail pickup and/or email notifications just stop.  Mine on my VMWare VM weren't working and I rebooted today and got the flood of e-mails but then a couple of hours later nothing so I rebooted again but new ones are not being picked up so no notifications are going out.


      The only thing I can think of in between that I changed was the name of the host from localhost.localdom to a more recognizable name but I put it back and rebooted when nothing came in for a while but I was still receiving VMWare alerts outside of Alert Central.


      Any updates on what might have caused it or how to fix it?




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          If this is the stuck-alerts issue people have posted about on the other threads, you go to the appliance management web site (HTTPS on port 5480), an restart the application to get the alerts going again.  The next service release of Alert Central should address this issue.  Keep watching this forum for updates.