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    Patch Manager Inventories


      Hi All,


      I've been running daily Inventory tasks of our WSUS servers as well as Active Directory inventories of multiple domains across our organisation. I have recently noticed that there are many servers that do not appear under the "Managed Computers" section within Patch Manager. My understanding is that computers which appear under this section are a combination of all servers within Active Directory domains as well as WSUS servers being inventoried. I can confirm that the missing servers are successfully checking into WSUS and are also in Active Directory in their correct OUs.


      I have even ticked all the check boxes within the "Inventory Configuration Editor" but the results don't change after re-running the inventories.


      What am I missing here?


      Given that I use Patch Manager to generate reports regarding the current patching status of our environment, it is critical that I get accurate reporting.


      Your assistance would be much appreciated.




      Wasim Abdo