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    Remote network access: Commercial Solution or Roll your own ?


      Remote management of workstations and remote networks has been something that IT staff have dealt with for a long time. Some IT staff simply need to management workstations from inside of their corporate firewall while others are managing machines across a WAN, and possibly behind home routers, and for me this is particularly interesting because I'm on the consultant side of IT.


      When a company hires my employer to do a project one of the first things that we request is remote access. We use the Level Platforms product for the most part (my previous employer used Kaseya) and simply put an agent on an existing machine. However I have been interested for some time in what others are using ?


      Do you roll your own remote management platform with tools like OpenVPN and a linux VM? Or do you use a commercially available solution? or even a SaaS web platform like Log Me In ?


      If I could paint a picture of my perfect world here is how it would look:

      I would have a small virtual machine (or physical machine) that could call home to a web portal (bypassing firewalls), each remote side would have one. Then on the other side I could login to the same web portal and establish a connection to the dedicated "proxy" VM at the side I need to work on. Basically this would be just like what Log Me In and others do, but could be hosted on premise and customized at will.