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    Unexpected Behaviour


      So this has happened to me twice now...


      A week or 2 ago I noticed that I wasn't getting updates from Alert Central even though SolarWinds was generating alerts (I still have the old email alerts working while testing AC). Restarted the VM and suddenly a whole queue-load of items flooded in from the previous couple of days. I decided to put this down to a temporary glitch and thought little more of it.


      This morning... Same thing happened! This is affecting both the web console and the email; i.e. it's not just it isn't sending out emails any more - the web console also fails to show the new alerts.


      Has anyone else experienced this behaviour in AC?


      Also, how will updates to AC be pushed out? I notice in the VM config side of things there is an "updates" tab, but there is no repository given so I'm not sure how AC will be getting updates. Surely it won't require downloading a whole new VM?!