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    Using Kiwi SyslogGen and Kiwi Syslog Server on the Same Machine (localhost)

    jonathan at solarwinds

      On faster Windows 7 machines it has been reported that the Kiwi SyslogGen (Syslog Message Generator) test utility sometimes does not actually send messages to a locally installed Kiwi Syslog Server.  If SyslogGen does not send messages to your syslog server through localhost, please try the following suggestions in your Kiwi Syslog Message Generator configuration.


      1. Change Target IP Address from "" to your machine's LAN IP address (e.g., ""). 
      2. Change Source IP address to "Random Class C addresses"
      3. Change Source Port to 1468 (or another other fixed port; don't use a random port)
      4. Use the "Send continuously" option with a very low "Inter-message delay" (e.g., 10ms)
      5. If clicking "Send" doesn't work the first time, click "Stop" and try "Send" again



      You can download a free copy of Kiwi SyslogGen from the Kiwi Downloads page