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    NPM 10.4.2 - Want to See Active Calls on My Cisco 2821 SRST Gateway

    it girl


      1.  So we recently got some fast busy calling out bc all our voice channels were used up.  So I wanted Orion to report how many active calls I am using on my 2 Cisco 2821 Gateway.

      I went to Orion Universal Device Poller > New Universal Device Poller >  Added CISCO-POP-MGMT-MIB.cpmActiveDS0s > assigned to both my Cisco 2821 Gateway.

      But when I look at the data, it seems to be reporting stats for only 1 2821 and not both,  if i look at the combined active ds0 from the router itself, I uses an avg of 70+, but on the Orion stats it's giving me 46 or lower (telling me it is reporting for 1 router only).  Am I suppose to do something else for both router to add up?  (both are assigned to the poller)


      I did a test of the mib and each router always gives me 30+ (so it should be in the 70+) but data on Orion chart only shows 46 max.



      1st chart is of GW1, 3rd chart is of GW2, 2nd chart is combo of GW1 & GW2 (it seems like it only takes data from GW1 only - Chart 2 should 40+).


      2.  How do you set up an alert to alert me if I use 92 ds0?  I dont know how to find that variable of that mib to put in my alert.