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    Netflow Interfaces - Full list with Seach Box


      My 2nd question in two days


      Can I take the native resources and modify them? rather than trying replicate in a custom report.


      I would like to have a page on orion that shows all active netflow interfaces by % utilization, not just top xx - all of them, as top xx only alows 100 interfaces.


      Ideally i would then have a search box that would allow me to filter the viewable results by node name (contains) and interface name (contains). So that any flow device/interface would then remain in the list.


      This functionality was available on our previous scrutinizer application and one function that is sadly missed.


      I can seem to find also a simple netflow search box that allows me to search by node name or interface name. This search would at least help until the above could be achieved somehow.

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          You are correct in saying that the Top XX Netflow Sources by % utilization is indeed limited to 100. You can put in a feature request have to this increased. Post back here when you done and I'll vote it up.


          But in the meantime if you can add a key word to the interface description of each Netflow interface such as the word netflow, then you can use the Top XX Interfaces by Percent Utilization report as this report can have more than 100 interfaces listed. Then all you do is add in filter such as fullname like '%netflow%' and all those interfaces with netflow in the description will appear in your view.