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    Install WHD on other *nix platforms


      Since I'm on FreeBSD and was interested to get this up and running I had 2 options to install WHD:


      1. use Solaris/Linux package (TAR/GZ)
        1. extract: gzip -d | tar -xf WHD-package.tgz
        2. run: whd start
      2. use RedHat package (RPM)
        1. extract: rpm2cpio WHD-package.rpm | cpio -idm
        2. run: whd start


      Seems Solaris/Linux package may be no longer available but the second option still works.


      In any case you may need to set:

      1. set JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/openjdk6/jre in conf/whd.conf (I'm using OpenJDK, adjust to your environment)
      2. apply Unlimited Strength Java(TM) Cryptography Extension Policy Files - you will have instructions once you open WHD's website