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    Running Trial of Orion NPM Cannot find SMTP Settings


      I setup the Orion NTM and I searched the help for where to setup the SMTP settings for email alerts. the docs point to something that does not exist on the NPM software. I tried poking around the menu's and on the machine running it and cannot find anything that points me to set it up for email alerts for any errors. I am wondering if I need to install another piece of software just for that. Below is what the doc says. but option 3 and 4 are not menu items.


      To setup an SMTP server:

      1. Open the Orion Web Console.

      2. Click Settings.

      3. Click NCM Settings.

      4. Click SMTP Server under Manage Notifications.

      5. Enter the FQDN of the server in Email Server Address.

      6. Enter the Port Number on which the server handles messages.

      7. Select an Authentication type.

      8. If you selected Password as your Authentication type, enter a username and password that the server accepts.

      9. Click Submit.