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    Work Time Report


      Does anyone know of a way to pull a report of technician work time based on the notes a tech enters. Right now the system attributes all the work time entered on a ticket to the assigned tech. This included time entered by other techs. I know the billing report will supposedly record this, but it appears to only do it for tickets that are completed. I want to track work time each tech enters regardless of the ticket status or the ticket assignee.

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          I am trying to do exactly the same thing.  The current way won't allow me to decipher which of my techs is entering time and which are not.  If my service desk takes the call and enters time, then assigns the ticket to a tier two tech, and they enter some time after doing some research and assign it to a third tech.  That tech does some work, enters their time and assigns it to a fourth tech.  When I run the report it looks like my fourth tech is entering his time and working hard while the rest of them are not following policy.  In fact everyone except the tech with the time assigned to them is following policy.  I need to know which techs are entering the time so I can see who is accurately entering ticket information.

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              You need to use billing reports and the following should do the job using "Tech" as the category and "Date worked on" with the required date range.


              Ticket report will not do what you want as they look at the ticket itself not the note time and assign all time within the ticket assigned to the assigned tech at time that the report is run.

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