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    WHD and incoming e-mails


      I need to send WHD e-mails from our alert system and auto create tickets. Looking for more information on setting the mailbox up and the ticket template to use. We use Exchange and Distribution Lists for our alerts.




      Mail goes to Alertoncloud@mycompany.com which is setup in WHD then generates a ticket and assigns it to a specific queue and or tech group.


      We have 30 + of these DL's (Distribution Lists) for each specific component.


      Thoughts ideas ??






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          I feel theres a big gap here.  If you could create a ticket with specific content then you could run rules against it but I've never been successful in creating anything more than a basic ticket.  Updating a ticket is a little better but it seems like very basic updates such as status and a few others.  Being able to update a custom field would be nice.  A complete list of the field tags that can be used in the Subject of an email would be better.  I wish SW would participate more in this forum.  Out of the last 7 or 8 posts only one (2 now including this one) have responses.  More times than not posts go unanswered.  That tells me that this community isn't large enough yet to be self supportive and until we get a few "gurus" here it'll stay that way.  This is the most inexpensive way SW can offer support and if I can't get my questions answered here then I'll call and thats WAY more expensive for them.