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    Netflow Custom Report Variable


      Hi there, I have many custom reports in NPM that work fine with various variables.

      I am trying to replicate this is Netflow node details and this does not work.


      Can someone let me know what the variable for NodeID and InterfaceID would be from a Netflow Node and Interface Page.


      For NPM





      Tried similar in Netflow and does not pass through.


      I know that for the URL in a report that you change it from




      and the links work great.


      But i need to filter (where clause) the custom report to the node or interface showing on the current page.


      SELECT     dbo.Interfaces.NodeID, dbo.NetFlowSources.InterfaceID, dbo.Interfaces.Caption, dbo.Interfaces.InterfaceSpeed

      FROM         dbo.NetFlowSources INNER JOIN

                            dbo.Interfaces ON dbo.NetFlowSources.InterfaceID = dbo.Interfaces.InterfaceID

      WHERE     (dbo.NetFlowSources.Enabled = 1) and dbo.NetFlowSources.InterfaceID ='${InterfaceID}'