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    Email not processed because there is no text/plain part


      Can someone Explain this Message to me?


      I am using Labtech and am sending an alert to both myself and AC.   The alert is not acceped in AC and the Oncall Log shows the above message.


      funny enough, if I take the same message that I recieved and forward it to AC it does not have a problem. I have even Configured the POP3 service to Use text.

        • Re: Email not processed because there is no text/plain part

          Alert Central 1.0.0 can not process email messages that are missing the plain text message part, so for instance, if you were to send an email using MS Outlook to an email account on your exchange server, Exchange server will be smart and know that it does not need to generate the plain text message part because it is going to another MS Outlook account.  Alert Central reads and drops the message in this case.


          The next service release of Alert Central will remedy this problem and process html text message parts as well.


          There may be options on your mail server to configure the account alert central is polling from to always send the message as plain text.

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