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    How does chat work?


      I have tried to chat with the end user, but they do not see the chat session I have started.

      Perhaps I am doing this wrong?  I click on the chat icon on the tool bar and begin typing.

      Where am I going wrong?

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          Particularly if the agent on the remote machine was upgraded from a previous version, try to remove and reinstall the agent.

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            Shawn, I have noticed, as well as other users, that the Chat Windows on the User side sometimes opens minimized or behind other windows and the user does not see it.  What I have done is initiate a remote control session, then click the chat icon to open the chat dialog box.  If it is minimized on the user's PC I maximize it so they can see it, then begin chatting with them.  Have you verified that the chat windows does not open at all on the user's PC?