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    How to configure Latency monitor with IP Monitor 10


      Hello All,


      This is my first post here so if i make any mistake in giving any vital information then please correct me. We are using Solarwinds IpMonitor 10 licensed version in our Enterprise network.We have 6 Data centers and about more than 150 servers. So far IpMonitor is working fine and giving us all vital alerts but we want to configure the Latency monitoring so we can be alerted when the latency is going higher than the threshold so we can check with the ISP and save the Production websites going down or not reachable to the customers.


      Can Latency be monitored with IP Monitor and if it can be please can somebody guide me how to do that as it will be very helpful to me.




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          Hi Dyanesh,


          You can be alerted on latency by creating a Ping monitor for the devices on the network where your websites are hosted.  You will define the threshold for that monitor based on what is an acceptable threshold for latency.  Once the monitor is created, you can then create an alert for that monitor.  Hope this helps; let me know if you need more detail.



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              Hello Craig,


              As I am new to the forum unfortunately I could not find a way to reply to the message on my post on the forum. I may have to learn this forum website as there is an option to reply this message under your message but when I click there it returns javascript () and nothing happens..


              Anyways if this way it helps reaching you then solves the purpose. Thanks a lot for replying to my thread.


              Actually we have configured ping for all the devices we have added in IP Monitor hence the servers where the websites hosted also have Ping monitor but as far as I know it only gives Test Duration timing that we can set which as far as I understand will be IP Monitor will keep hitting the server to check if its alive or not. But what I am looking for is I want to define certain threshold like if this server’s latency exceeds from lets say 100ms then it should warn and if its above 200ms then it considers as failed.


              So do you think providing such threshold values in the Ping Test duration parameters will serve the purpose? Right now my parameters are like this:


              Max Test Duration: 60 Seconds

              Delays between Tests While up: 5 Seconds

              Warn : 5 Seconds

              Down: 5 Seconds

              Lost: 5 Seconds

              Accumulated Failures per Alert: 3

              Maximum Alerts: 5


              So can you suggest how can I change the above parameters t serve my purpose also please suggest if I have given wrong values in any of the parameters then the recommended ones so I can change them.


              Thanks a lot,

              Best Regards,

              Dhyanesh Mehta


              System Administrator