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    SNMP V3 for Cattool


      Hi All,


      Whether Cattool V3.6 will support SNMP v3? If yes, Please let me know how to set up SNMP V3 in cattools.

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          Hi Hari

          Cattools have a specific activity  Report.SNMP.System Summary . It reads the SNMP details of the device (a router or switch) using this activity and places the output in the /Cattools/Reports Folder.

          To set the SNMP activity the following things are to be set

          1.Go to the Device Information tab

          2.In the Password tab set the values for the following SNMP Read and SNMP Write

          3.Now try running the activity against the device which configured with SNMP.


          Cattools does not support SNMP v3 directly.It can be accomplished through the above activity. Hope the above info helps.Please post back me in case of any clarifications.