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    Ticket updates by CC'd users


      One issue I'm having is people seeing and not being able to add notes to other people's tickets.  I know this can be done using client admins, however setting that up for a large organization is a tedious task.  Can we have the ability in that when a ticket is created, anyone that is listed in the CC field can add notes and see the tickets?

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          I'd love to see this feature too.....we're having a hard time with this issue in some of our departments, and there doesn't seem to be any good solution for it right now.

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            I'm on version 12.1 and I can see something that looks interesting in Setup > Tickets > Options > Allow Non-User CC Updates (checkbox)


            The info balloon on it states:


            Allow Non-User CC Updates
            Indicates whether to allow Ticket updates, via email, from people who are not helpdesk users, but were CC or BCC recipients on the Ticket update e-mail.


            I think this would do it for you...

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                You're correct, thanks!  It only allows updates via email, so we still have CC'd users clicking on the web links and being denied access, but at least we can explain to them this workaround. 


                It's ok as a workaround, but it should be easy enough to permit CC'd users to put Notes into the tickets if they're in the CC field....hopefully coming in a future version!