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    Using variables in e-mail address


      We just downloaded the Alert Central appliance and are looking at ways to utilize it in our environment.  One process I am trying to set up involves sending an e-mail to Alert Central to forward on to our fax server.  To do so, I was thinking of doing the following:


      1.  Set up a new fax user with the fax server's e-mail address; the first part of the address will be variable (depending on the fax number that the users are sending to)

      2.  Add the fax user as the only member of the fax group

      3.  Create new alerts that check the subject portion of the e-mail for "fax=<number>"

      4. Send the alert to the fax user's e-mail address after converting the e-mail address to the correct syntax for our fax server


      I am stuck on step #1.  How do I create the user with a variable in the e-mail address?  If that can be done, how can the "fax=<number>" replace the variable and the whole e-mail be forwarded to the address?


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          How many different fax numbers are there?  Can the fax server read the number from the subject line of the mail?


          I think you would have to have an email account for every fax number that the fax server services if you want to route messages that way.


          Currently in alert central, email addresses are fixed, and must be assigned to a user.  There is no mechanism to synthesize addresses based on a property of an alert.


          While it would be possible to "capture" the fax number from the subject line of the email and assign it to the message, object, or severity fields of the alert, the only thing you can do with it after that is use it to route to different groups.


          So, unless you have a finite number of fax numbers to send to, I don't think you will be able to achieve this use case with alert central.


          If you do have a smaller set of numbers you are working with, you could configure a group/user/email address per fax number, and use the group routing rules of the email alert source to match the captured number to the correct group for that fax number.


          I hope that helps.