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    NPM - Email alert not working




      I am new to solarwinds and working my way through the products that my company uses for network management.


      We have created alerts for - Node down - in Orion alert manager 2012.1.0. - but we get no email alert when nodes ( ie switch ) go down - . I have recreated the alert from scratch but that did not make a difference. We can see the alert popping up in Orion homepage. We also have an alert setup for - Nodes rebooted. I get email alert saying node rebooted once the switch is reconnected. I have compared 2 settings and found no difference.


      It will be greatly appreciated if i could get some advise on this please.





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          Just to add - the test email works fine.

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            Is the alert enabled in Advanced Alert Manager?


            Is 'smtp' the hostname of your mailserver?


            In the 'Time of Day' tab on 'Edit Email/Page Action' (see your image 'alert manager 5.bmp'), are there any limitations on that one?


            Are you privy to the logs on your mail server? Is there some difference in the list of recipients on your non-working alert as opposed to the reboot alert that does work?

            Perhaps your mail server requires authentication to send mail to certain recipients, groups, etc.


            Try copying your working 'node reboot' alert. Once copied, simply change the trigger behavior to be a down node. Don't change anything else and enable it. Does it work then?

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                HI rharland2012,


                Thanks for your quick reply.


                I believe its enabled..how do i check ?

                smtp is the name of the server..other working alert has the same name.

                time of the day is same as the working alert.

                Difference in the list of reciepeients - not sure..copied and pasted it. will recheck on that..

                Mail server does not require authentication for this type of alerts..


                I think copying the working alert and editing it for the  - status is equal to down -  will be a worth a shot..trying it and will update shortly...

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                Just checked - the alert was enabled..


                deleted the existing alert and copied the exisiting  - node rebooted - alert. Test email works - actual power down of switch  - no email alert on this one. I still get Node rebooted alert via email.


                NPM shows the node is down.