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    What constitutes an Event?


      Using a Cisco Router as an example. What events will show up in NPM?

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          These are the Events in NPM

          Node Down

          Node Warning

          Node Up

          Node Removed

          Node Added

          Interface Down

          Interface Up

          Interface Shutdown

          Interface Unknown

          Node Rebooted

          Critical System Error

          Interface Added

          Interface Removed

          Interface Remapped

          Interface Changed

          Monitoring Started

          Monitoring Stopped

          Interface Enabled

          Interface Disappeared

          Interface Reappeared

          Fail Over

          Fail Back

          Application Stopped

          Application Restart

          UnManage Node

          Manage Node

          Group Down

          Group Warning

          Group Up

          Group Members Changed

          Group Created

          Group Removed

          Group Critical

          Group External

          Group Shutdown

          Group Testing

          Group Unknown

          Group Unmanaged

          Group Unreachable

          Group Unplugged

          Group Disabled

          Polling Method Changed

          Node Changed

          UnManage Interface

          Manage Interface

          NPM BL Service Started

          NPM BL Service Stopped

          NPM BL Licensing

          Volume Remapped

          Volume Changed

          Volume Added

          Volume Removed

          Volume Disappeared

          Volume Reappeared

          VoIP and Network Quality Manager Service Started

          VoIP and Network Quality Manager Service Stopped

          VoIP and Network Quality Manager Critical

          VoIP and Network Quality Manager Licensing

          IP SLA Error

          VoIP CallManager Error

          Hardware Unknown

          Hardware Undefined

          Hardware Unmanaged

          Hardware Managed

          Hardware Unreachable

          Hardware Up

          Hardware Warning

          Hardware Critical

          Hardware Down

          Hardware Type Unknown

          Hardware Type Up

          Hardware Type Warning

          Hardware Type Critical

          Hardware Type Down

          Hardware Sensor Unknown

          Hardware Sensor Up

          Hardware Sensor Warning

          Hardware Sensor Critical

          Hardware Sensor Down

          NPM Module Engine Started

          NPM Module Engine Stopped

          NPM Licensing

          Rogue Detected

          Thin AP Disappeared

          VIM Service Started

          VIM Service Stopped




          CoreBL Service Started

          CoreBL Service Stopped

          CoreBL Licensing

          Alert Triggered

          Alert Reset

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