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    Solarwind Network MAP Design strategy


      Dear Members,


      Can any one suggest that its possible to create Map for Only Perimeter Routers in the Network and when you click the Perimeter Router than further devices

      which are behind that routers that can be visible or the IP address will be visible.


      We are facing this issue because we have 52 Remote sites and each sites have 15-20 Switches so its not possible to keep full Network Nodes in the MAP.

      So we try to find out the way that we will only map the 52 Branch Routers with Central Router and when we just click the branch Router that it will give or

      show the switches or IPs which are behind that specific Perimeter Router.


      Please suggest four best solution because this is an issue when you have many branches and every branch have many Switch



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          What you describe is entirely possible using nested maps or the parent/child/grandchild model, I've made many maps this way.  You can put maps into other maps.  Its fairly straightforward, start at the bottom and work your way up.  Lets say you split them up into 1 site, and then 1 region, and each region could have say 5-10 sites in it, then a larger area that has 1-5 regions in it.  And then 1 map that has all the area's in it.  Say for example you had 1 site in each state, then you had a region map called "west coast" which was say California, Oregon, Washington.  Then you had an area map that was called the "West" which would be every region west of i dunno.... Kansas.  Then 1 map above that of the whole country showing 2-3 areas(Northeast, Southeast, West, etc). 


          Every object in Orion contains a item in the object properties, which I believe is enabled by default, that says "include child status".  So if you drop an icon for a map, into another map and that icon is showing the child status then any of those items in those maps can show an indicator if there is problem.  And you can change how the child status works.


          We do this in spades here.  I have every data closet mapped   Then I have a map of all 7 of our buildings, and in each building map I drop in each map for the data closets that are in that building.  Building 3 map has icons for "3rd floor data closet", "2nd floor data closet" and so on.  Then I have a company wide map that has all the building maps in it.  If one switch in one building goes down, it goes red, and its child status is communicated all the way up the food chain to the top.


          Its probably also important to mention not every icon has a child status icon or at least a readily visible child status icon.  Most of them do but I have found going with what is easiest to see makes managers happy.  I think building icons with splash backgrounds are cool(and fez's are cool) but management likes the "large LED" icon .  go figure.