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    Unable to add SQL WMI monitors


      i have the node setup and its returning data memory cpu usage the whole thing. I then go to add SQL WMI monitors assign to node pick it from the list it then fails on test except for the SQL server port. From the SAM server I can browse to the file shares I can ping. I try and open performance monitor and connect to to another computer it says the network path was not found. The servers I'm trying to add the monitor are in a different domain and different subnets. I added their info into the hosts file didn't help. Any ideas what to try next? Thanks

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          What is the error you're seeing in the component monitor details view for these WMI monitors? Is there a domain trust between the Orion server and the domain of the remote host you're looking to monitor? Have you tried using the "SQL Server 2005-2008 Performance (SQL)" template instead of the "SQL Server 2005-2008 Performance (WMI)" one?


          Lastly, from the SAM server are you able to open perfmon.exe and connect to the remote host and browse/list/monitor windows performance counters on that host?