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    LEM 5.6 Release Candidate Access

    nicole pauls



      We are preparing access to the latest Log & Event Manager Release Candidate, which I will post more tidbits on in the Product Blog as soon as it starts becoming available on your Portal.


      Some of the awesomeness includes:

      • Changes to our data storage infrastructure that today provide some more immediate results to your nDepth view, better archiving (hooray, no more full backups!), the ability to sort your nDepth results in oldest-newest OR newest-oldest, and lots of under the hood stuff.
      • Changes to the layout of rules to make them much easier to navigate and organize. If you have found yourself asking "how do I find the rules related to <thing>?" or "I wish I could put my rules in more than one category/folder", this is for you. Teaser:
        • LEM-Rules-v56.png


      Right now, I am looking for anyone who is interested in first access to the RC and some additional TLC with our support, PM, and development teams, to get some quick feedback on the RC in your environment. We'd like to set you up with our team to shadow your upgrade (via GoToMeeting), ask you a few questions, and monitor your progress. This is a fully supported RC, so this can absolutely be in production, and part of the process is to strongly recommend (require) you to back up/snapshot your LEM appliance and/or database - which should really be standard operating procedure (right!? ).


      We'll track your upgrade as it completes, then watch as your data migrates to a new format that allowed us to make some other infastructure changes that are necessary going forward (which will take a few days). If you have questions or something you didn't expect comes up, you'll be able to reach out to me/us and ask questions/get help directly, too.


      If you're interested, just let me know, and I'll reach out. Again, fully supported, the usual, we just want some quick real-world feedback to check on a few specific things before we open things up to everyone.