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    Pushing MSI to Win7 x64 machines using GPO


      I talked my IT Director into buying MRC and we testing deploying the MSI to a few machines in one of our offices before we deploy en-mass.  Manually running the MSI package worked great on both Win7 x86 and Win7 x64 systems.  Using a GPO to push the x86 version also worked fine but the system we attempted to push the x64 MSI acted as though it would never install on the host machine.  I would log into the machine and run gpupdate /force followed by gpupdate /r to view the changes and it would show that the GPO was applied but after reboots dwrcs folder would never get created under the windows directory and the software was not installed.  Has anyone else had issues pushing a Win7 x64 MSI out through GPO's?