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    Solarwinds multiple monitoring writing to one central DB


      Hi all,


      Potentially, I have a scenario where I may need to implement a secondary Solarwinds Orion NPM & APM solution on a 'separate' network. However, in order to minimise management of two different monitoring solutions (& be able to view all alerting, events etc centrally), would like this to be able to write to a 'local' DB which our Internal monitoring solution uses...


      My network team have confirmed that the connection to report back into the Database through the relevant network is indeed available, I just wondered whether this would cause any sort of compatibility issues (i.e. variation of Solarwinds version or is there some sort of backwards compatibility built in?)


      In essence, I'd have 2 Solarwinds servers reporting into one DB & ideally one web portal which would display the information & all alerting handled by one server.


      If I've missed something obvious, such as Solarwinds provides a straightforward solution which aggregates data & can send this to be handled centrally or something similar, please let me know about it


      If I can provide further info, let me know.


      Thanks in advance,

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          Just going from what is said above:


            If you have sufficient bandwidth and sufficiently low latency to make a db connection reliable, then you have sufficient connectivity for pollers on the other Site.

          Why not use that?


            If you need to easily divide up views, reports, permissions it would be easily accomplished just using a custom property for "Site"   Fill in a location, say

          IslarNubla and IslarSorna, for Site A and Site B.   From there, use that in your reports, view restrictions, account restrictions and such to divide up who can see what

          BUT - you would still be able to gather reports from all devices.


          Perhaps someone will post differently, but I do not believe you will get any official blessing from SolarWinds support to run two different installations to one single database.

          Upgrades would certainly be more problematic, and custom properties updating the schema would likely cause some havoc as well.

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              Hi dstoney,


              Thanks for replying, just to clarify (& I prob didn't explain the situ precisely initially) bandwidth, latency wasn't the issue. The issue boiled down to the fact that the separate network had a, how can I put this, complex IP schema & there were routing issues surrounding this aspect...


              That said, I've had some additional information this morning concerning this particular setup & it appears that this is no longer an issue anyway! Which is good news for me


              Interesting to know that potentially this is possible, but given the (most probably) high overhead in terms of configuration etc, not really viable.


              If anyone else has points to make ref this, I'd certainly be interested to hear them.


              Thanks again dstoney