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    Can't Add Nodes in the way the doc describes


      paulh is experiencing the following issue:

      I've just picked up an instance of LEM created by somone else and I have problem.


      I'm trying to add Nodes as per the manual/video tutorial - "click the add node button in the Node Health widget"


      Select OP manager dashboard and there is no Node health widget ....


      Any ideas??


      Can someone lend a hand?

      (original comment here: Log & Event Manager (LEM) - Updated May 5, 2017)




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          If you are adding windows machines it's as simple as installing the agent on the machine. During the installation you enter the manager's name and at installation completion the agent will reach out to the manager and add itself.


          I haven't done much with syslog nodes yet but I'm pretty sure for those you just point the syslog events to the manager then the manager adds it when it sees the events coming through.

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            nicole pauls

            For paulh, my guess is:


            1. You're not running the current version. The "Node Health" widget was added in v5.5. To find that out, you can click on the logo in the top left and it'll pop up an "About" dialog, or you can go to Manage>Appliances and see what version your Appliance is reporting.
            2. You are running the current version, but your dashboard doesn't have that widget. You can add it if you go to Ops Center, then click Widget Manager, and in Additional Widgets navigate to Node Health and either drag it in or click "Add to Dashboard".


            You can also access this same button if you go to Manage > Nodes. If you don't have the button there, you're definitely not on the current version. It's not required to add nodes to the system, but we made the process a lot more streamlined and added some other useful features.


            That process helps you the most with the syslog nodes - if it's Windows, Unix, etc, it will tell you to install the agent - like tmart described above.