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    hp-ams health display problems on Proliants DL360p Gen8 servers. NPM doesn't follow...


      Hi to all.


      I have a test in progress in our Society to enroll NPM, NCM, IPAM....


      We have a multisite society in online grocery.


      We doesn't have any problem with the actual infrastructure but

      we are prepairing a VMWare ESXs farms change for the type of host



      We choose HP proliant DL 360p Gen8 servers with Xeon CPUs (E5-2690)


      Solarwinds NPM could poll these ones (ICMP+SNMP+vmware polling) but concerning the hp-ams installed on them (updated),

      the health sensors doesn't follow the changes.


      For example, I eject a drive of the mirror of the local disks of these servers (for HD problem simulation),

      the vsphere client on Health part follow immediately but not Solarwinds NPM, the only way was to delete the nodes

      and rescan completely the range et re-insert the discovered nodes in DB.


      When I plug the drive back in the server, after the rebuild, the vsphere client alerts and errors disappear but not the Solarwinds status....


      I'm completely disapointed on it, i don't understand why these infos don't follow the hp-ams status, how the vpshere client do....


      Does anyone have an idea??


      Thanks for your help !!!!