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    Free TFTP maximum concurrent connections???


      I'm having some serious difficulty finding ANY documentation on this product, but I'm hoping to find a knowledgeable person here. Can someone please tell me the maximum number of concurrent conenctions that can use the free tftp tool found here:


      When I install and navigate to the following directory:

      C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\TFTP Server\Logging


      I can see that the log says:

      TFTPServer.Service.ConnectionPool - In connection pool there are 2 free connections and 0 occupied connection


      I'm just wondering why there are only 2 connections open? And if those two connections are "occupied" will the TFTP server stop functioning???


      Please let me know.



        • Re: Free TFTP maximum concurrent connections???

          The maximum number of simultaneous connections is 1024. The log message you referenced is just a small detail about the internals of the product that may be important to developers. It does not mean there are two active connections, it actually means there might have been two connections in the past, and the current number of active connections is 0 (this is the "occupied", and its maximum allowed number is 1024).