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    Need help setting up Application and Component Monitor for a service




      I am far from being a computer geek and am just very slowly starting to be able to "read" Orion but I need to set up monitoring of MSMQ services on Windows 2008 server so I can set up an alert based on the count of the items in the MSMSQ queue. (Using APM 4.2)


      There is actually Application Monitor using Performance Counter Monitor already in place on it but the Performance Counter shows status down with the error Bad input parameter. Category does not exist.


      Considering that Performance Counter Monitors read Windows Performance Counter data using Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) instead of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

      I am assuming I need to check if it exists in in the root/CIMV2 namespace. I am not quite sure if I need to look just for the variable defined in the Category field of the Performance Counter Monitor or do I need to have more than that in there.


      But I may be completely off. Any direction and suggestion you may have  will be, as always, very much appreciated.


      Thanks for your time!