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    Issue With Network Atlas Map Alert status.


      We are currently redisgning our mapping for our NPM installation and have come across an issue with the Alerting.  As a simplified example fo our issue let say we have three maps named A/B/C.

      Map A = Top Level Summary Map for entire network

      Map B = Data Center Map featuring our 4 Data Centers

      Map C = Featuring all nodes within a specific Data Centre.


      The problem we are encountering is that when a node in Map C has an issue(lets say an interface is down) the alert is displaying as the red dot on the node indicator but  is not being passed up to Map B and in turn therefore not being passed up to Map A.  All map are set to show there child status yet the alert is not passed up.  We have tried changing the web console to both show worst status as well as mixed but this has made no diffecerence.


      If anyone has any ideas how to resolve this it would be appreciated as i thought one of the biggest selling points of NPM was to be able to see alerts from any maps on a top level map and then be able to "dig"down to find the issue.