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    Personalized "Dashboard"


      Hello All,


      We are looking at the idea of setting up a dashboard of sorts so that we can get up-to-date metrics and display them on a TV or large monitor in our cubes. We currently have NetFlow enabled on multiple interfaces, but would like to have a central page that displays up-to-date info. I thought that maybe using just a view that refreshes every minute might do the job, but things are a little bit funny with that.


      First of all, does anyone have a better way to do this?


      Second, is there a way to display say the top 5 conversations graph for a particular interface? I know that I can get the graph for all monitored interfaces, but I would like to display multiple graphs which each display the conversations going over a specific interface.


      Third, I was using the "Custom Summary" view that was already provided, but my graphs look different than the graphs that show up under the view for the NetFlow tab. Here is an example of what I see on the custom summary page


      and here is an example of what I think is the same graph, but from the NetFlow tab


      The second graph is much nicer where as I think the first one looks like the graphs used to before the latest firmware upgrade. Does anyone know why I'm seeing a difference here?


      Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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          Top graph is the old chart style bottom is the new style. When you customize a page and click the plus to add a resource to the column, you'll see a Netflow Top Resources (Classic Chart Style) heading.  Those are the top chart in your post.


          Yes you can do what you want for each interface.  I do stuff like that all the time. Hover the mouse over Netflow Tab and click NTA Summary.  You should see all your netflow sources listed.  Click the plus next to a node name and click on an interface.   Let the page load.  Look in the URL, see NI:xxx, that's the interfaces number in NPM.  If it were a node it would be NN:   Click on customize page in the upper right and you get a screen that tells you all the resources used on that page.


          You want to use the Top XX Conversations resource with Netobject=NI:xxx   for a specific interface.


          At least that's how I interpret what you are looking to do.  Here is one of my views that shows two different call center links side by side.  Only differences is I'm using the Top Transmitters resource but I could have just as easily used Top Conversations.ntahelp.png

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            Im also looking for something like this. i'd like the "customized dashboard" being mailed to a specific email address.  But i see you need to be logged in to see the "DetachResource.aspx".


            I'm trying to figure this out for weeks now, how to be able to send some graphs to a mail address/multiple addresses. The purpose would be a quick overview for whats happening on the network.


            Any idea's on this one? Also, the "mandatory login" to reach the graphs is blocking this.


            Any help would be greatly appreciated.


            Thanks in advance,



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