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    Backing up Alcatel OmniSwitch with CatTools


      HI guys,


      I have been trying to backup up my OmniSwitches (6850 p48 variants) with CatTools.


      The built in device is for omnistacks which doesn't work (Omniswitches don't have an enable mode) so I started to write my own template.


      I can get CatTools to log in and dump the config, however only half the config is dumped.


      Initially it appeared it was because CatTools was seeing the session prompt command in the config and flushed everything after it because of bCleanBuffer option in the SendCommandSingle() function.


      I changed the GetConfig() function so that it when it calls the SendCommandSingle() function it is passing false to the bCleanBuffer to try and stop the above, however this only gave me a few extra lines of the config and it is still missing most of the config.


      Now I am pretty much stuck!


      Any pointers as to why this might be happening?


      Edit: Ok, setting the bCleanBuffer helps (stops it clearing everything after the session prompt) but another part of the function s seeing it and then runs the exit command which is why I get a few more lines. Investigation

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          Can you please post me back with the diags(debug log and info log) by using the inbuilt omnistacks device type?

          You can enable debug mode from File menu.


          As well as you can send us the PuTTy captures for that device by following the below link (if required this can be used for new device type)





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              Hi Nanda,


              I managed to write a custom activity template to deal with this.


              Basically as mentioned there is a couple of big differences with how the Alcatel OmniSwitch OS works over cisco like devices.


              First is there is no enable mode. I dealt with this by just making the function EnterEnableMode() return true.


              Second, the prompt is NOT made up with the switch hostname. The prompt can be what ever you want it to be. The problem this causes with CatTools is the prompt is then present in the config.


              For example:


              My prompt is




              The config will then have the line in it

              session prompt default "myswitch>"

              This causes two issues.

              1) If bCleanBuffer is true in the function SendCommandSingle() then everything is stripped in the config after the session prompt command (the config will end with the line session prompt default ")

              2) The function cl.WaitForMultData() if you get it to check against the prompt will again see the session prompt command in the config, think its the final prompt, then run an exit (this is a bit of an assumption as I can't see how cl.WaitForMultData() is written)


              The above two things are only issues when trying to get the config via the function SendCommandSingle(). During everything else (that I have tried anyway it's fine).


              I dealt with it by just making the GetConfig() function run everything it needs to get the config (so it doesn't call SendCommandSingle()). The biggest change thought is I can't let cl.WaitForMultData() look for the prompt. I have to let it time out and then assume that it actually got the config and just grab the data.


              Biggest issue with this, is I can't obviously handle if a timeout actually does occur.


              Anyway I will grab the data as suggested and send it through at some point.

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              I wrote this for NCM (using what ianj explained)

              [How To] Backup Alcatel OmniSwitch (AOS) with NCM



              maybe it could help for CatTools