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    FTP Voyager hangs on splash screen hiding an error message if not started after a fresh reboot


      I'm very annoyed. I use FTP Voyager for over 10 years by now. Updated to, then got an e-mail saying solarwinds bought it and it's freeware now.


      Two weeks later, it already stoped working and support stopped as well, I now have to create an avatar, get friends to join this community to get points all just to tell me what I have to do so the program works again like it did all those years?

        To: service@rhinosoft.com Cc: Subject: FTP Voyager crashes at splash screen Product=FTP Voyager Secure Product Version= Operating System=Windows 7 (64-bit) Firewall/Antivirus software=Sophos Internet Connection=ISDN/DSL/Cable (Home Network) Recommended KB articles= 1025, 1151, 1172, 1193, 1202, 1302, 1415, 1447, 1449, 1613, 1673, 1679 Viewed KB articles= http://www.RhinoSoft.com/kbsearch.asp?TechHelp=1025,1151,1172,1193,1202,1302,1415,1447,1449,1613,1673,1679 Description: If FTP Voyager is free by now, why does it refuse to work on a second computer once it crashes on this one? And why does it crash in the first place? I cannot start FTP Voyager on this computer, it hangs on the splash screen which also covers and thus hides the error message. If I reboot, it works once or twice, then it hangs again on the splash screen. If I leave it running, it stalls after a few hours, using all CPU power, so I have to kill it. I'm already at the stage of using a second computer for FTP jobs so I do not always have to stop working to reboot, but then FTP Yoyager says I'm using FTP Voyager on two machines at the same time as the crashed one blocks the licence. a) if FTP Voyager is free by now, why does it still check the licence? b) why does it crash all the time? I have used it for many years without problems. This Version worked well before too.