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    How to attach dameware mrc 9 window to toolbar so I can move it on my screen?


      Sometime when connecting to high resolution clients, my dameware mrc does not let me move the window on my screen.  I am connected to two clients right now for example.  One is at 1024x768.  The dameware "window" has a menu bar (File, Send, Monitor...) and buttons, and the display of this remote machine is integrated within this window.  I can minimize, maximize, close or drag this window around no problem.


      The other machine I am connected to is 1920x1080.  The view of this remote machine is separated from the dameware toolbar in the top middle of my screen.  The window border around the view of the remote machine is so thin that there is nothing to grab ahold of to move this window around my screens.  I can only really awkwardly resize it to move it to another monitor or another place on my screen.  How could I get the view of this remote machine attached with the menu bar and tool bar, like the other machine?  There's no way to disconnect either.  Well one would have to close it from the taskbar.  If you click the little X in the top anchored, centered toolbar that is detached from the remote PC view, that toolbar goes away permanently . unless you close dameware and reopen it.


      I am using MRC 9.0