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    Why doesn't CTRL+ALT+INS work like it does in vmware?


      Using Dameware MRC 9, I find myself constantly pressing CTRL+ALT+INS at CTRL+ALT+DEL screens out of habit from using VMWare (both workstation and vSphere client).  CTRL+ALT+INS is the industry standard key combination to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to a virtual machine.  It would only make sense that Dameware has this feature added as well.  I can't imagine I would be the only one who finds myself using the CTRL+ALT+INS key combination out of habit.  I'm sure there's plenty of shops out there who are into Virtualization and use that keystroke sequence to unlock machines.


      Of course you can't use CTRL+ALT+DEL because that invokes the command to the local host.  This is why in VMWare (and other hypervisors), the CTRL+ALT+INS key combination passes the "3 finger salute" to the guest.


      Solarwinds, PLEASE add this to future client releases of Dameware MRC!  It would make a consistent user experience!