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    High CPU usage on Solarwinds server, Solarwinds Information Service V3 using 100% CPU, empty groups


      Normally my Solarwinds Core Server CPU usage is about 40-60%. Last week after I created about 40 empty groups, the CPU usage is keeping at 100% constantly. “Solarwinds Information Service V3” is using most of CPU power (always above 60%). After I removed the groups, system is back to normal.


      Found the cause but not sure why? Any idea? Or a bug in SolarWinds?


      Thanks for any help!


      The environment is:


      Core Server: VM, 2 cores, 16GB RAM, Winn 2008 R2,

                          Running: Core 2012.2.2 + NPM 10.4.2 + SAM 5.2 SP1 + NCM 7.1.1 Polling engine for all networks devices (900)


      Additional Poller: VM,1 core, 8GB RAM, Winn 2008 R2 Polling engine for all servers (900)


      Config Management Server: VM, 1 core, 8GB RAM, Winn 2008 R2


      Database Server: Dell R710, 2 x Intel Xeon L5520 Processor 2.26GHz, 24GB RAM, 6 x 450GB SAS 15k 3.5 HD,

                                   Windows 2008 R2 + MS SQL 2008 SP1

                                   RAID : 2 xHDDs RAID1 with 2 partitions (OS on P1 and DB logs on P2) & 4 xHDDs RAID10 with 2 partitions (DB on P1 and tempdb on P2)


      1800 Nodes are monitored

      8000 Interfaces are monitored

      5500 Volumes are monitored

      1000 Applications are monitored

      220 groups

      12 users accessing daily