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    Incoming email accounts/aliases


      We are looking to use WHD to process emails from multiple inbound email aliases (versus accounts) and assign those differnent types (which assign to different tech groups, locations, etc).  For example:


      australia@mycompany.com -> Type: Email Request (Australia) -> Tech Group (Field Techs)

      support@mycompany.com -> Type: Email Request (General) -> Tech Group (Support)


      from what I can see so far WHD doesn't process the "To" address, only the actual account it's logging into.  This means fro each different group I would need to have a separate email account instead of simply using a to alias.


      Or is there a better way to save on the email account administration.



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          This is actually a pretty good idea, and would simplify setup on multiple levels.

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            I think part of the problem with this approach is that WHD would have to be reliably able to determine what address the message was sent to. This is trickier than you'd think, especially in cases where the message is sent to multiple recipients, each of which is a different tech group, or when the address isn't in the To or CC headers. The actual envelope-recipient might be visible in the Received lines, Delivered-To or X-Apparently-To headers, etc., but different MTAs handle this differently.


            Of course, you can do filtering at the account level, and use a different IMAP mailbox for each address tech group. We started with this approach, but I'm not sure we'll stick with it.