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    Monitoring physically HPProliant servers, snmp


      Hi guys.


      First, we have NPM.


      We are installing some centos, redhat and debian in proliants DL servers gen8 and  gen7..


      I have configured net-snmp in the OS and can monitor basic stuff like memory, cpus, disk space...


      But I would like to monitor physically the server, like fans, power supply, HDD..


      I know there is a hp-snmp-agent for hp and redhat.. but I think this could get in conflict with the net-snmp already installed, right? does this hp-snmp allow me to monitor what I want?


      in the other hand, debian 6.0.7 is not supported in the dl160g8 series.


      so how could I monitor these servers?



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          We have some of our linux installs working now.

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              good to know.


              how did you do that of monitoring fans, cpu, power supply, memory slot? I am not running SAM.

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                  Without SAM, you would have to use custom pollers. Not as clean but doable. We've been using that method for a few years now.


                  As far as whats needed on the linux systems, you need the hp agents installed and don't hold me to this because I just know enough linux to be dangerous. This is what I have in my notes from one of linux builds....Please verify this though. I'm still working on getting all of my linux hardware in there.


                  Need the following RPM packages:









                  • Be sure to pick the right packages for the right version of Linux and its architecture!



                  Copy the packages to the /root directory on the server.


                  Ballzo in Sacramento