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    Cisco 2811 configuration assistance


      Can anyone provide instructions for allowing a Cisco 2811 router to send NetFlow information via SolarWinds? Any help would be appreciated.


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          Easiest/simpliest method I've used (you could use version 9, but again, this is the simpliest method):



          ip flow-cache timeout active 1

          ip flow-export source <interface that has the IP SW uses to manage the router>

          ip flow-export version 5

          ip flow-export destination <SW Server IP> 2055


          ! this is nice for realtime peeking at the top talkers, use "show ip flow top-talkers" to see the info on the router


          ip flow-top-talkers

          top 10

          sort-by bytes


          ! on any interface you want data from, add this...the interface must also be managed by SW

          ! Internal interfaces

          interface g0/0

          ip flow ingress


          ! External interfaces

          interface serial0/0/0

          ip flow ingress

          ip flow egress