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    Node Health widget not refreshing


      I'm trying to figure out why the Node Health widget isn't refreshing. It just shows the default screen with a grayed-out "Refresh" button. I have over 140 servers with the LEM agent installed, but this doesn't refresh. Occasionally, it will display stuff, but it sure takes it's sweet time. Anyone have any advice to fix this?


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          nicole pauls

          Can you tell me if your other widgets are refreshing - especially the "Top Rules", "Top Events" type ones? Once it retrieves the data the first time, does it work okay after that?


          If the refresh button is grayed out, it's made a request and is waiting for the data to return, i.e. thinks it's currently refreshing. There's a timeout on those types of requests, but it's pretty long (configurable in Manage>Appliances in the tabs on the bottom right).