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    Need LEM agent UNinstaller


      Where can I get the manual uninstaller for the LEM agent? It does no good to tell me to get it from the customer portal because I was just evaluating the software.


      Would be nice if you would make the uninstall work under Add / Remove Programs like any other decent program out there.

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          nicole pauls

          The remote agent installer is supposed to place an entry in Add/Remove programs when installing. What version of Windows did you install to?


          There is also a Remote Agent UnInstaller that you can download and use to remove from remote agents, if Add/Remove's not working.


          Lastly, you can install the local agent, which will definitely create an Add/Remove entry, and subsequently remove it. Kind of a bunch of extra steps there, but it'd work.

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              Could you tell me where I can download this "Remote Agent UnInstaller" because I can't find it anywhere. I am also evaluating LEM and can't uninstall my agents.


              The Remote Agent Installer only puts the SolarWinds Windows Log Forwarder in the Add / Remove Programs. However, it does NOT place entries for the remaining 2 services (Log and Event Manager Agent and Log and Event Manager USB Defender).


              So now I have a large portion of my domain with 2 Solarwinds services that I need to somehow remove. I'm very frustrated with the lack of support that SolarWinds provides to customers who are trying to evaluate their products.

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                  Just for anyone else who runs into this, I created an uninstall batch file that I placed as a startup script using Group Policy. The script uninstalls the agent service and the usb defender service and deletes the files from the system.


                  It DOES NOT touch the registry so there may be some remnants left there. That shouldn't be an issue though since the programs that would access those keys are removed.


                  I use this methodology to globally uninstall software that doesn't support centralized removal.


                  Here is the script for anyone who may need it:


                  REM Set temporary folder to store log file in
                  set tempFolder=c:\temp

                  REM If log file exists, then the uninstall should already be complete and we can skip it
                  if exist "%tempfolder%\LEM-Agent-Uninstall.txt" Goto END

                  REM Make the folder if it doesn't exist, othewise move on to the UNINSTALL section
                  if exist %tempfolder% Goto UNINSTALL
                  mkdir %tempfolder%


                  REM Stop LEM services
                  sc stop Contego_Spop >> "%tempfolder%\LEM-Agent-Uninstall.txt"
                  sc stop USB-Defender >> "%tempfolder%\LEM-Agent-Uninstall.txt"

                  REM Delete LEM services
                  sc delete Contego_Spop >> "%tempfolder%\LEM-Agent-Uninstall.txt"
                  sc delete USB-Defender >> "%tempfolder%\LEM-Agent-Uninstall.txt"

                  REM Delete LEM Folders
                  rmdir /S /Q "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ContegoSPOP" >> "%tempfolder%\LEM-Agent-Uninstall.txt"


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                Customers can find the download link in their customer portal. If you are evaluating, it is not publicly available from the SolarWinds site, but below is the link for your convenience.




                If you need to obtain pre-sales support, you should be able to obtain this directly from SolarWinds by telephone, or if you are in communications with a reseller, contact them for support.